Our vast experience doesn’t just make your life easier, it also lets us negotiate special discounted airline, hotel, and A/V arrangements. And that makes facing the bottom line easier.

"Volume purchasing" is not a term normally associated with the meeting planning industry. However, it is precisely the reason why we can so confidently guarantee satisfying your bottom line. We have spent years cultivating a family of preferred providers in the travel, hotel, graphic, printing, audio-visual and staging fields. We’re well connected. Our partners know that DPA will be back, and they are willing to negotiate for the most economical value available.

We will help you prepare your budget. And while negotiating with suppliers, we will maintain constant awareness of budgetary controls. We’ll provide on-going budget monitoring and performance reports. Then, to wrap things up, we’ll handle all final payables reconciliation, event evaluation, and prepare a final budget performance report.

While personal service is our special touch, the organization and flexibility we provide through our automation capabilities is our professional trademark. At DPA, we have a wide array of specially designed software for event planning, management and budgeting. Our powerful technology can ensure virtually flawless organization and peace of mind.

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